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Thinning Shears

Thinning Shears

Thinning Shears

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Won't go anywhere else now that I know about Jamie. He really knows his stuff, super easy to communicate with, and the price was great! If you need your knives sharpened, I'd highly recommend!

Seth Brown

My sewing scissors are better than new and so are my Mom's! Mom runs a sewing circle at her retirement home. She called me last night to rave about how sharp her scissors are now and how much easier it is to cut through the fabric. Great, pleasant service with a quick turnaround time. Thank you Jamie!

Debbie Malone

As a professional chef for over 30 years, I have never allowed anyone else to touch my knifes, let alone sharpen them, Until I met Jamie! who been looking after my knifes for the past 7 years and frankly provides a edge to my knifes that I just can't get on my own, Leave it to Jamie and you will be sharp as a Knife :) Recently I dropped my Global 11 inch chefs knife in my kitchen and snapped the tip on it, It was devastating, literally 2 days later Jamie had restored my poor knife :) you just cant go wrong ! thank you Jamie!

Michael Blackie

When we talk about the “sharpest knife in the drawer” Jamie’s name is on it! Jamie has been keeping my kit up to edge for a few years now.. I have some major millage on my blades. Time for a tune up, I think I’m due!

Norm Aitken
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